“Embrace Chaos…”

To think deeply is feeling an awareness of being alone and Invisible.

It’s to see past things literal, and feel things visceral.

To see beauty in things, but to appreciate them alone.

It’s to make a place abandoned, a lovely and warm home.

It is like loving something or someone, whom everyone else hates.

It’s like walking in a dark place, but that is never the case.

Seeing deeper meanings, you carry with yourself a booklet of light.

Notes and wisdom, to take up your plights.

To see things deeply is to use understanding instead of that knowing part of your brain.

It is to use experience and love, it’s a combination of these things.

To feel things deeply, is to feel too much.

You make many mistakes, you love, and then you lust.

You find and then lose grasp

Creatively processing something of such large vast, nonstop in this activity.

There is meaning behind every literal thing.

But the beauty is in finding real meaning.

The connection in all things, top and below.

That is the Tao, this is the flow…