“Living for love…”

I do not want money,

I do not even want a title…

I mean I want these things,

But to me they feel strange.

I want something more,

I will live for it and die for it.

I am of noble character,

But I will steal for it and lie for it…

Love –

The thing that grows, like a rose.

The force that gives meaning and purpose.

The thing that makes everything feel like its all worth it.

Life is short, and I will be happy with one woman.

What better way to live, than to share this lonely world with another human being.

Love feels like a dream, that I don’t want to wake up from.

While others are in their illusions, and living behind masks…

Lets explore this world that is so vast, and be in the now with each other.

Exploring, growing, and learning from each other.

I don’t want to share this love with another…

Just you.