“Leaving this place…”

I am leaving, and I may not be back.

I am leaving, and I will not return…

I have grown, and I will not regress…

I am writing the end to my chapter, and I am creating a new life.

A new book, a new series perhaps.

This life is dead, and definitely was worth the experience.

But if life is so vast, why not explore it and truly seek multiple changes, multiple new experiences.

I don’t want to be an automaton.

A mere copy.

Because that is what this generation seems like.

It is as if they are under a spell, unable to see the beauty in truly living.

That will not be me.

Instead, I will create and live in a newer way.

Ever constantly evolving,

And learning,


And living… simply, wholeheartedly, and courageously.

Foolishly as well, because I know that I know nothing.

No one does, yet, everyone thinks that they do. But really we do not know anything.

And that is okay, I will blindly follow the beat of my heart and experience the unknown…