“Dark Matter…”

I have a fascination for life.

I want to live it twice, live it nicely, precisely in alignment with values, and ethics.

I have a method, that is long and enduring.

I have a fascination.

I have a fascination with living in accordance with divinity.

Actions, after thirty days, become habitual.

I want to master myself and live this life like a king.

A warrior.

A scholar.

A mystic or sage.

An old soul. A young and universal man.

A spiritual and loving guy…

A rich and wealthy man.

I am willing to work, hustle, train, focus, sacrifice, spend unlimited time by myself and on myself, alone…

In the dark chambers, I will rearrange and light incense and candles to see the light and beauty in those dark chambers and rooms.


Self improvement.


Love, attention…

Words are so powerful and these words are authentic and valuable.

My life is spiritual and I am wrapped warmly by it all…

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