“Exploring with you…”

Our love will be an adventure, and exploration of everything beautiful.

My heart always whispers, and says to “stay true to you.”

I take heed, and believe…

And here I am, with a newer love,

I found you, and we are together.

My only mission and objective, is to prepare for any stormy weather…

To focus on us.

Building trust, faith, and love.

This feeling of deep sincere friendship, is something that we will keep forever.

This newly forming bond,

Will keep us fond.

This poetic expression, will get better as we grow in connection.

We cannot see the places we will go,

But as we grow, I just want you to know.

That we can do anything, everything, and so much beyond.

Just take my hand, allow me to love the way that I do.

Because my heart is true; I am happy that I found you.

Is this real?

I think, I believe so.

It has to be.

This strong attraction, I hope that it lasts.

It will.

The heart feels.

Logic tried to override.

But I will keep on feeling and respecting my heart, as we explore higher and deeper.

Because I know heartbreak and pain steeper.

Like roots, I’ve been in darkness.

Now I just want to reach the sky, it feels better with someone, you.

I know that I love you.