My attempt at defining love…

I love you. Those words are powerful.

Those words can tell a story, and give an explanation of your rationality.

It can color someone who is blank and depressed, into themselves again.

The expression is sacred and valuable.

Its sentiment are the very words that show ultimate vulnerability and passion.

It is a phrase that represents humility, compassion, and so much virtue.

I love you.

It has been used wrongly, correctly and naively in our society.

It has been used this way and that.

I love you

It has many meanings tied into one.

I accept you. I appreciate you. I honor you, and I respect you. I want the best for you. I want to see you happy.

It represents, and symbolizes meaning into everyone’s lives.

We love Christ, we love our mothers, we love ourselves.

We love God, we love humanity, we love the universe, we love others.

Love. It’s expansive. It’s expensive. It’s an experience.

Love, is you.

You are filled with love.

Love is natural.

Love is in some cases, unnatural, in the sense that it may be unexpected or relentlessly grown.

Love is poetic, romantic, ugly, pretty and chaotic.

What is love?

Love is just that.

Ambiguous, mysterious, it is something we all need.

And when life lacks love.

When a person lacks that thing worth dying and living for.

Then that person is left with loving themselves.

How much longer, how much time, will it take, I am impatient?


Love is patience.

Love is passion.

Love, is imperfect.

Love is not logical.

Love is illogical.

Love is so beautiful and everything in between and around.

Perhaps, Love is the meaning in meaninglessness.

Perhaps, Love is God, and without it, we are helpless and confused.

Maybe, the simple and easy answer is this, love, is the meaning of life.

And, the person struggling with finding love, is battling with existential despair.

Until he, I, myself, finds love, then, he is battling with the harshest, and darkest fight there is with oneself.

Choosing and clawing for the fight to exist.