“Simplistic Sophistication…”

With no hesitation, I typically express my heart.

My emotions have done two things, either corroded relationships or have gave massive insight, both to myself or the other person.

My heart has lead me astray, but ultimately brought me back to a place of simplicity and wholeness.

This philosophy is one of ample things: love, insight, mysticism, and life.

Sure, and this is true, we are all alive.

But are we truly alive?

I believe that the ones that live with their hearts, are the human beings with the biggest opportunity for giving and living!

Following ones instincts and intuitive expressions, are what makes the difference from living in some herd like manner.

This is what makes the simplicity, of following one’s heart, a sophisticated philosophy.

The journey twists and flips, moves so far off from the well trodden path.

From following your heart, you learn mysteries and solve equations that man kind have lost touch with or forgotten about.

More in following your heart, but I thought I’d write this, on my journey of inside work…