Meditations 3

Writing a new chapter is difficult.

It is scary.

It is almost like starting over, in fact that is what it feels like.

Remnants from my past, makes its way into this one.

My tattoos, my scars…

But still, the difficulty lies in knowing that it feels like I am starting over, this life of mine.

My beliefs, my mind.

All of these things have to be reworked and re-wired. Reframed. However, I still have my heart. My heart and sincerity is still the same.

I smile, but it isn’t quite the same.

I run, but it isn’t with the fiery passion that I once had.

In fact, I don’t run as much.

Not with the same intensity, and not with the same frequency.

I guess I was scarred deeply.

Every day I am haunted, but still, I am writing a new chapter. It is still exciting.

I am an unfinished human being.

Learning new things, assimilating new information, growing wiser and more mature.

Digging deep to practice a newer craft, but, yet, it has been with me for so long.


Writing a new chapter isn’t so hard.

Maybe it is the closing of the previous chapter that seems like the ultimate challenge. The hardest task to the heart…