My heart…

Following my heart and intuition –

It’s lead me to various destinations.

As long as it keeps beating, I will keep going.

As long as I keep breathing, I can keep growing.

I will keep following my heart…

My heart is symbolic for emotions, symbolic for my feelings.

My heart has been mended, my heart is still healing…

Because my heart has been broken, my heart has been stolen.

My heart is so strong, my heart is still strong.

My heart has known good fortune, has been in droughts of no love returned.

My heart has been burned, it has been used.

My heart has been darkened, from bruises and abuse.

My heart lead me to happiness, so pure it cannot be explained.

My heart is my star, I follow it with no question.

I rarely use my mind,

I rather follow my heart in this life of mine.