“True Love…”

The truth cuts deep, and doesn’t cut corners.

The truth drops steep, but bounces like buoyancy.

It doesn’t change, nor does it fade.

It is still like infinite.

It is still like the universe.

The truth truly works!

The heart tells the truth of what you truly want.

The truth is, the heart doesn’t lie.

The truth is, you never know until you try.

The truth is, good denounces, and wins against evil.

The truth is, words can be lethal.

The truth is, ignorance is not bliss.

Love is…

The truth is I care, and I love with all of my heart.

The truth is, there is no good and evil.

The truth is, I cry.

The truth is, sometimes I lie.

The truth is imperfect.

The truth is I am human.

The truth is, I try.

The truth is, the truth.

I have to tell it, to stay honest.

But the truth is, I never stopped loving you,

I promise.

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