Hearts are true. 2

I once told a woman on the first day of meeting, I love her – Twice.

What came over me, oh, nothing…

It’s just the feeling of love, is so very nice.

I never received genuine love, in all of my life.

If not, maybe once…

This is true!

I’ve been chasing the drug, ever since, and even if that makes me look like a dunce.

I am quite an intelligent individual.

I say that because I know that the heart is the only thing worth meaningful.

At the climax of my existential crisis- I chose love over myself, and even Christ.

I supposed that if I was to find meaning in life, it would be in finding a wife.

I would love her with all of my heart, and be the best man ever to that woman.

My life in some abstract sense is/was in [her] hands.

No woman in particular, just the one who will accept me as their man.

Because I am as passionate as they come.

I am willing to give all that I have, inside, which is a fine, and grand soul if I might add.

A true romanticist,

Still, I am moving so frantically,

To find her…

To find it.

I don’t want to move slow.

I live life as if it is soon to slip away.

So I give all that I can, in each and every day.