Hearts are true. 4

I rather isolate.

I rather migrate, to a different state.

I want to hide away.

I want to write the pain away.

I want to love deeply and fiercely.

I rather live carefree.

I rather live foolishly.

I want to love poetically.

I want to love you hellishly.

I want to make mistakes.

I want to fall on my face.

I want to cry embarrassingly.

I want to hold you, honestly.

I want to kiss you, I want to miss you.

I want to know you.

I want to show you.

I wish to love you passionately, as I please.

I want to love you spiritually.

I want to miss you hysterically.

I want to love you like you hold the key to my life.

I want to humbly, walk before you, and show you suddenly that I can act cordial.

I want to be the man of your dreams.

I want to be as fine as iron.

I want to protect you, and be your lion.

I want to be for you and only you.

I want to love you, as if I always wanted to.

I want to be crazy in love for you.

I want to change your world, as you change mine.

I want to hold your mind, as you hold mine.

I don’t want control, I want something forever.

I want you to feel like, there is nothing better.

I want you to see sincerity, sincerely,

I am willing to love clearly, crazily, and purely…

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