Hearts are true. 6

Heaven must be real.

I hope that it is.

Is this all that life has to give?

Materialism, egoism, and people with masks.

Power driven, unforgiving, selfish spirited lads.

My grammar and word choices, it makes me laugh!

Seriously, I hope that heaven is for real.

It will make this life worth all the pain and struggle.

To fall into the clouds of light, as if a plush bed… Ah! I made it to the other side. No more pain, and suffering, and loneliness, and anxiety, and, and…

What if it is not.

What if the body rots, and all that I gave was all that I had.

Well, that was sad.

So what should I do?

Pursue wealth and let my will give in to its earnest pursuit of power?

To then do what, stand on top and tower, over the hedonism that I must give in to, too?

Or do I make this life, full of passion, and live it like it is truly a memory to be amazed by.

A long story of a man who lived by his heart, and not his ego.

That’s meaning in a meaningless world.

Enough meaning to keep me going.

Love will find its way, and will assist in me growing.

I always tell myself certain things, but it never truly comes true. It never comes into fruition.

I am rambling now.

I just want the feeling of magic again.

I’m a hypocrite.

I have an ego too!

But seriously, my heart is bigger than it.

Human beings are so beautiful and so damn good.

But man, we are self destructive, sometimes ugly, evil, hideous, confused, imperfect, lost, and not anything special.

Although, we think we are, or hope that we are…

we fake that we are, and represent as we are.

But we are nothing special.

We want to be special to someone.

I want to be special to someone.

I don’t want to speak for anyone.

That’s my ego.

I speak for myself…

I want to be special to someone.

I want to be loved.

I know I am worth it.

I know I am…