Meditations 4

I realize that, once you are broken, you are never quite the same…

No matter how much you think you’ve changed.

Now matter how much strength you show.

Remember, that once, you were left in cold.

You cried tears that practically froze.

Remember that you were alone, and depressed.


You were alone, and very stressed.

That pain can leak over to your newfound life.

Make pain and misery your wife.

These are reminders to keep you intact, and to think twice.

Yes, you are stronger now, but you are weaker than ever.

You can break in a mere minute if you do not repair yourself.

So it is best to simply focus on yourself, and prepare yourself.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

Love is universal.

Love this new day.

So love yourself.

Love your life.

Love it now…


and love relentlessly.