Growing Hearts. 1

I rather be with you than to be with anyone else!

This friendship and bond, this love that is one of a kind;

This feeling is something, I’ve never truly felt…

The beauty in your eyes, our souls will confide…

The beauty in your soul, evident when we removed our pride…

The lovely smile that you have,

This love that will last –

For a life time, forever.

I think God has blessed me,

And I can not ask for anyone better. ❣️

One thought on “Growing Hearts. 1

  1. Beautiful poem!

    You are one of my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I don’t want to pressure you at all, I just want to let you know that I appreciate you. I just hope that you will read the nominees section when it’s convenient for you. I will publish it soon. Have a fabulous day gorgeous! 😁


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