Bliss. 1

I have a side that is foolish and dumb.

It is honestly, my heart!

However, it is intelligent in its own right…

I thought I found love, but was foolishly wrong.

My eyes were tricked in delight!

Falling in love is different for everyone…


No, not me!

You see, I thought it was okay, to say, I love you, within the day, our hour, that I felt it.

No hiding, manipulation, or timing,

No waiting or stalling, or seeking, or lying.

No games, no strain, just heartfelt purity.

If I feel it, I express it.

I love you is too soon says outside opinion.

Feelings are contingent, and I rather be surprisingly modest, and honest, and speak my heart openly, and free.

Someday, someone will accept me.

Someday, someone will accept me.

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