Bliss. 2

I love you…

Is that a fearful thing, a fearful situation to be in?

To receive such words, are they displeasing?

I love you.

Are they mean, ugly and a scary phrase.

Is it possible that it is a scribbled page?

Is it something illegible, or frightening…

To hear such words, does it bring forth lightening, and make you scurry?

There is no hurry, there is no rush.

But why must I hold something in, why should I hush?

Why should I flush such feelings and lie to myself, ultimately lying to you?

By not expressing myself, by not staying true?

I guess it costs a mighty fine, to stay genuine.

But here I am peddling, paddling, wondering, is it worth it – to follow my heart always and in all situations?


But perhaps not…

My heart is a rarity.

Someday, someone, will accept me.

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