Bliss. 3

This is a bliss series, yes, a pure and soulful expression!

My erudite and emotional side are mixed and combined…

Intertwined, and refined, with each poetic piece and line!

I involve my piece of mind, and change and reframe with each thought and insight.

With crisp delight, I share my mind.

Irregardless if I show perfection or a hideous mess.

I remind you that I am human, and learn from each lesson.

So it’s all on the table, everything…

My frailties, mistakes, blunders, and my whole self.

My heart, my life, my scars, my experiences…

And while I reflect and move forward, the ugly side parishes…

And I work and cut, sharpen and strengthen.

This is a bliss documentation – of my battle with Satan.

Of my battle with demons,

Of my battle with self.

These are blissful writings, this is heartfelt.

This isn’t thought out.

This is spit out.

Pure and genuine.

This is myself.

This is my mind…

Have an open mind.

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