Two sided. 1

My heart is blatant.

My heart is forsaken.

My heart is true.

My heart isn’t taken.

My heart grows.

It grows…

My heart is bruised, broken in two, repaired in places –

you can see traces, don’t be mistaken,

I have a history.

Romances and past love,

But one could philosophize, that life is about loving, living and struggling, suffering, to simply get it right!

Who teaches us how to love?

No one in sight.

So yes… I am not the best lover, and I assure you not the worst.

I love you, imperfectly and courageously with all that I have.

With all that I can, so much that it hurts…

So in between experiential loves, I love myself…

Fixing, and repairing.

Aligning and re-steering.

Not narcissistically…

But maybe egotistically…

So that’s how you know.

What I put into me, I then share it within our circle and put into to you, also!

Massive love, admiration, and passion.

So yes, there you have me, in a nutshell…

I am an egomaniac, but balanced, you see, in my complexity, this is a valid approach and philosophy.

Not exactly hypocrisy…

But more-so using my heart obnoxiously, ferociously, smartly…

Think of the story of narcissus.

Now, know that you are my new reflection.

In you, I learn about me.

Something like self-reflection.

We learn about each other, and within one another…

I love you as if you are my other half, my soulmate, my heart’s duty of protection.

I will love you as if I love myself…

I will love you, striving for love’s imperfect, perfection.