Two sided. 2

Between beauty and beast, I walk the line.

Of linear progression, I am spiritually, biologically, and intellectually inclined.

If you were to leave me at one place, if you came back to pick me up, I’d still be there, but still be someplace else.

That is the price of loyalty.

You always have me.

My definition of loyalty, is always and forever.

Simply those words and letters.

You got me and you have an inch of my heart’s space and area.

It’s yours, still yours, forever yours allotted.

Although, you trotted, in prickly shoes.

Muddy feet, or in delightful dancing…

My heart grows, my mind grows, so at your own discretion.

Because this Elijah, you may not even know.

You will assuredly enjoy and love.

But you will not fathom or understand in entirety.

Because my heart is fiery,

It burns to the touch, like a phoenix…

I hide behind words, to stay unknown and mysterious.

I am Felix.

I am strategic.

I am, unknown.

Yet, what you get in a moment’s time –

is genuine and honest at its most prime.