Beautiful beginning…

This is a beautiful beginning.

I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you…

Those are two sentiments, for two – God, and my girlfriend Jocelyn.

Everything seems new, but yet, so familiar.

I have a new opportunity, and second chance.

Perhaps, all of that suffering, was meant to be.

I look back, I stare at all of the pain and misery, and become lost in the darkness.

It seems like a scribbling mess, a black hole, that I cannot exactly make sense of.

I just know that I never want to go back.

My mindset is officially scarred.

A literal scar.

I think about how I need to get back to living the lifestyle that I willingly choose, without letting the scar, remind me of pain and abandonment…

I am transferring to a new university.

Jocelyn is holding my hand throughout the journey, and I could not be more grateful.

I am strong, I am smart. But I am not 100% Elijah.

When I am fully there, it will be a tremendous good.