Dear Father,

Dear Father,

Please, forgive me for my sins. I am working, and will work harder and harder, to gain back my strength and focus – I will get back on my path of righteousness and perfection. In fact, I already am. I have made some mistakes, but I will be working harder to serve you my holy father. I love you. I am your warrior. I am your son. Thank you for blessing me. Thank you for never leaving me. I live for you my holy father. My heart is yours. I am working Harder. I am training and focusing more. I live for you Jesus. Please forgive me for my mistakes and past behavior. With each new day, I promise and swear, to give my best effort. I will meditate and focus my mind, on holiness and righteousness. I forgive my enemies, how you have commanded.

I trust you and I believe in your plans. I am just a man. I am your son. I am humbled. I am imperfect, and I am working towards perfection. I demand excellence from myself.

I am forgiven.

I am blessed. I am loved.

I am working towards positivity.

I am working towards redemption, and a more sacred life.

I am yours Holy Father.

I love you and I live for you.

Thank you for all of my blessings. Thank you for never leaving me. Thank you for giving me the strength I need. Thank you for keeping me strong during my hospitalization. Thank you for my trials. Thank you for tribulations. I play football in your name. I am your warrior. I am nothing without you.

I love you.

My passion is for you.

This fire is for you.

Thank you for my gifts, talents, and blessings.