“Journey a thousand miles…”

I have journeyed and walked a long distance alone.

I have left home, and have grown.

I’ve been through downs, and pain.

Stricken with depression, and felt insane.

I felt like I’ve lost my brain. My mind. My time…

Wasted and lost.

Hope, was erased.

And in this town, I felt desperately out of place.

But then I realized, not everyone wants the same.

Not everyone wants to change.

Not everyone is willing to walk a thousand miles too.

Leave saving others to Jesus, enjoy your path – a voice says.

I feel voiceless, trying to reach others…

As you should, a voice says.

This is for you, and only you.

Your testimony and story will inspire.

That is your one mission, pertaining to others – to inspire.

Ignite the fire, and a soul will feel.

In the mean time, live your truth and enjoy the blessing.

Keep going. Keep going…

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