They took something from me.

They halted my journey, and tainted my mind at its most powerful and strongest point of self realization.

But still, I find myself climbing back to where I am meant to be.

Still, I have the same soul, that got my mind to that point anyway.

It’s been almost a year, since I last went up to that distressing environment.

It was a hell of an experience.

Being in a hospital for over three months.

No visitors.

Well, my father stopped by.

He got me two packs of T-shirt’s, that were oversized, deodorant, shampoo and soap. Finally, I don’t have to use the hospital’s products.

Socks, sweatshirts and sweatpants.

It really is the little things, that makes all of the difference.

He didn’t buy them, but they were stolen clothings from Walmart. I could just tell, as if in a rush, getting just about anything and walking out of the store with little thought or regard, and that lowered my morale even more.

How did I go from, being a potential collegiate track star, 3.5 GPA, to this situation.

Competing collegiately was a dream of mine, and I made it happen. I made the roster and I was so close to my first meet, to display all of my talents and compete with the best.

My heart was dying slowly.

My mind felt as if it was corroding. And my spirit was dimming, and my light was turning darker and darker.

Those doctors, make me feel uneasy.

They frighten me to the point of no return.

They didn’t care.

They just wanted to ruin me.

They did a good job at that.

But I am better, and I will share my story, I am stronger, and I refuse to let that moment affect me indefinitely.

One day at a time, the maxim is my favorite, and most of all, the only one I abide by in this point of my life.