To fall in love is a seriously silly thing to do.

You forget your mind, resist to climb, and fall off of the edge of Earth.



And now, you have fallen..

Just to see love birth.

Knowing that, this love is not definite.

Because anything can happen…

Love has no etiquette!

It breathes, and deepens when it wants to.

It can fade like sky blue.

Or it can become ablaze, leaving you in a daze,

Leaving no trace, but instead unplanned directions and turns, multiple phases, and bringing you to various places.

Love is truly complicated.

Are you sure?

Do you want more?

Realize what you get yourself into,

When a relationship is something you get into.

Love is boundless and endless,

Limitless and it’s essence is, pure.

I believe that love is, something that you must endure.

Fighting, for that purity, and when it becomes stale, even still!

You must fight for that purity at will.

Love is so powerful.

Love is not perfect.

But it truly is worth it…

Love is no game, yet, it is a championship.

You bring out your best ideas, and best self for a long lasting, and hopefully, a forever, relationship.

Do you see what love is?

Do you really?

It’s a risky game, stay in it…

Don’t end it.

There are good parts, and bad parts.

But there is nothing in the world like this form of friendship. ❤️