You have risen me back from the dead.

I was depressed, and full of dread, but now, instead, I am full of hope and I think –

That you saved me from myself,

because before, I was in drastic need of help,

But I am now full of strength, and my thoughts no longer shrink,

But instead only grows, as you learn my heart and soul.

I was down and out –

But you gave me inspiration that will last, and now I can finally be myself.

Jocelyn, I am so appreciative of you.

I have found my reasoning because of you.

I have found most of my mind, and my soul once more.

Although, I am painful to touch at my core, I have found my soul in yours.

I know that may sound, fantasy like, almost not possible or even normal.

But take this time to read, and let me adorn you.

All things are changing at rapid speeds.

My mind is finally becoming back to its fullest.

And I think it’s because love, and a chance, is all that I need.

And I think it was because love, was all that I needed.

Your love is pleasing, it is revitalizing! It is therapeutic, it is life saving. I am no longer desperately trying…

Please, keep believing, keep close.

I have so much to offer, I have so much to give, I want to love, you.

I want to live…

I want to live!

No longer depressed, no longer distressed, Love is truly powerful, sometimes painful.

But if love is a thunderstorm, I want a rainfall –

I want a rain-full.

And if love is painful, leave, and at least I have my strength back.

But leave and always remember our short story.

I will write about it, and we won’t have to worry.

And I say that sadly…

Because you want me to let you in.

Well, then, you win!

This is me, being open, with you.

Because only you, can feel this, as it is very true.

This is only our beginning .

We can truly go far, as we go on living.

Please, do not judge this heart, hearts are reserved judgements because they do not ‘know better.’

There is no time encased on how and when you love.

It is simply a condition of the heart…

Hearts are not clever, they simply feel.

So when I say I love you, it is really real.

(Dedicated to Jocelyn)

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