If you are depressed…

I feel that it is my duty to write this. As a reminder, encourager, and distant friend, and also as a note to myself if I am ever in snares of darkness again.

Firstly, if you are ever going through a depression or moment of despair, due to life’s chaos or suffering circumstances, forget every thing else, and know, truly know that, this too shall pass. It will. No matter how long and dark your depression may seem, it cannot last forever. So remember that important thing. It won’t last forever. You have a lot of life to live.

Two, seek help. Productive help.

It doesn’t even have to be medicine or a therapist. I found my most help, from strangers, and community.

Everyone has issues, don’t be afraid to cry, talk, and open yourself up. Because you are HUMAN. You’re not a stone. We are emotional beings. You can Be creative in your recovery. But you have to want it like success.Ex. Musical therapy, doesn’t have to be prescribed by a doctor. Listen to the song that makes you cry. Makes you hopeful or inspired. As long as you are working through whatever it is you are going through, you will be okay. Kid Cudi’s music has time after time, helped me get stronger. I love his music.

Use the world as your therapist. Seek to be understood. And Hold on.

Eat healthy foods, sleep enough but don’t sleep too much, go for a walk. Don’t stay stagnant, because it will only prolong your depression. I truly think that not only is recovery a real possibility, but being cured is just as possible too! There is so much stigma, misunderstanding, misinformation, and confusion about mental illness. Don’t believe for a second you are stained indefinitely with a disease or illness because everyone is different, and as you may have already heard before, everyone has something ‘wrong’ with them.

Don’t feel discouraged about your condition, because you are not alone.

When you make it out of the hole, remember that life is still what it is. Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

You have to continue being strong. You have to remember the lessons you learned while down there.

I believe that we are ultimately souls, so sure, you were broken, but not anymore. Continue and persist living above that circumstance and be grateful for where you are. Any progress is enough progress.

And lastly, be empathetic for anyone you see who is depressed or showing signs of depression etc.

Don’t ignore someone’s ‘odd’ feelings and posts on Facebook, because usually it’s a cry for help.

The internet is such a cool thing, to where it really does connect us all. Be there for the next person and enjoy life. These are My sentiments ❤️ My positivity and hope… YOU GOT THIS.

Your emotions matter.

Lean on people, lean on God ✝️, and believe you can do anything, because your strength is real.

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  1. Great perspective! I am proud of you for all you have come through. God has His hand on you, He will never leave you or forsake you. Hold on tight!!!

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