Escape to you…

My soulmate, and my other half is you!

I found out through trial and error.

But I sense a grave terror.

It seems as if it is too late, and I hate the fact that this is my situation.

I loved to late –

but what if you loved too soon?

Other loves were fake,

and I did not make enough room.

How was I to know, that your heart was as pure as mine?

I wasn’t ready,

I needed more time.

I needed more time.

I needed more time.

But little did I know that I was timed.

You wasn’t happy,

And how could I argue?

I did not love enough,

but it’s only because I was not alive enough.

Too much was on my plate, ok?

I am okay.

But it’s too late.

It’s too late.

I involve myself with relationships, when I should be healing.

I just have these strong feelings!

And I just want to share it.

Through my heartbeat, the strength, and power, passion and love – you can hear it.

Do not misconstrue it with nothing else!

This is real.

It bleeds through everything that I do, it’s what I am made of.

It’s what I am made of.

It’s what I am made of.

In that moment, and time of my life, I was dealing with issues that I cannot even begin to explain.

So much was on my brain.

But to keep this plain, and simple.

I love you – Kaylee Gentilucci,




I cannot say goodbye with 100% sincerity.

I hold back feelings that come up, because I am selfish.

I want to keep them for me.

Saying good bye, honestly, would be releasing feelings that would leave me chronically, and hopelessly alone.

No one ever truly cared like you, and your heart is something like a home.

It showed.

I was down and out, and you covered my wounds, and believed in my heart.

You supported me, and deep inside I knew…

That this was cruel!

God, why would you bless me at such a time.

A time that I was trying to hurry, and repair my mind, my ego, and social mask.

This makes me sad.

But now, that we leave everything in the rear view.

Now that our chapter is done.

I can love you, how I wished to love you through these poetries.

You knew me, but did not truly know me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.