Goodness, Gracious

Goodness, gracious!

Your love is spacious…

Takes up my heart, and leaves me space less.

It leaves me speechless, it makes me groundless.

It takes what’s beneath my feet, and I get anxious.


I love you more.

I love you eight, when you love me four.

I drop, and am bound to fall.

I am willing to come flying in when you call.

Goodness gracious, your love is too strong!

If loving you is wrong, I love being wrong!

Goodness gracious, this love is tasteful.

Brings me places, where I couldn’t take myself.

Where have you been?

It’s been ages!

I hope it isn’t short lived, because then all I will have is memories.

No longer numb, I have your love to keep for treasured memories!

I feel your love distancing, I feel your love escaping…

Thank you, it’s been amazing.

But goodness gracious, don’t leave.


Oh, if you leave, I will be reflecting and wondering – if we would have did things differently.

But nothing is perfect, and that is fine.

What a great relationship, and moment of ours,

Enjoy this poetic piece of mine!