Passion. 1

Passion is important.

Passion is fire.

Passion is the muscle, and strength of your soul.

Passion fuels your activities, and attention.

Do not lose your passion.

Passion is the skeleton of your heart.

Passion is your weapon for life, a life well lived.

Passion is lacking in today’s society..

But passion, is what Van Gogh utilized.

The great artists.

Passion is what MJ & Kobe relied on.

The great athletes.

Passion is what carried Tesla to amazing discoveries.

The great inventors.


Do not lose your passion.

Passion is a blessing.

Passion is a gift, and tool.

Passion is what the great modern and older musicians use to create music to move the world, and shake the earth, literally…

Passion isn’t perfect.

Passion isn’t even pretty.

Passion is gritty.

Passion is wholesome.

Chefs and cookers, make foods with passion.

What is life without passion?


What is the universe without passion?

To some degree, blankness. Starless.

Passion is color.

Passion is the energy that drives scientists, and philosophers to push the envelope.

Passion saves lives, and rescues animals.

Passion is a key.

It unlocks the hidden doors, massive doors, acute and small doors, and it’s a seat for virtues to take off and take care of what needs to be done.

Passion isn’t wrong.

Passion isn’t right.

Passion is essential.