Leaving me.

Are you leaving me, this fast, this soon?

In fumes. In despair – I say,

I want to leave here.

As if a child that does not get his way.

Moments later, I make my decision and say –

“I am leaving…”

(In short)

Why would you leave?

You are so young, she tells me,

“But I will conquer death, and I am too philosophical for you to even understand the magnitude!”

But what about a family, a house, car, these things.

Oh Kaylee, you don’t know what it’s like to be in my brain!

“Listen, I understand you believe you are unique and different, and I like to think I am too, but you are being selfish! There is so much to live for…” she goes on,

As I am convinced that this talk is not going to go anywhere, I made up my mind.

I really in actuality, just wanted to hear her voice one more time.

She sounds different.

Not her voice, but her soul.

She seems so much purer.

Happier, content, and I am bittersweet.

Her voice almost angelic like.


Thank you Kaylee Gentilucci.

You spoke strength into me, miles away, but close enough to comfort my soul, and ease my pain.