Open Diary. 1

You will always have that chip on your shoulder. There is no better way to live.

Here, let me explain why.

Would you rather be weak, and conform?

Or would you rather work, and progress.

As you progress, you gain insight, higher intelligence, more wisdom, and strength.

Why would you ever want to settle, and be comfortable?

Terminate that notion, and fight relentlessly, to push that thought out of your mind.

Reprogram, and change your brain, hourly, and daily.

Become stronger, faster, smarter, and wiser.

Life is about becoming.

Keep the chip on your shoulder.


Why be mediocre? Do you seriously want that for your life.

Scoff at the idea.

Despise being plain.

Be great.

Pursue greatness.

Don’t pursue goals.

Pursue perfection.


Because you have a chip on your shoulder.

Here, I have an even better idea.

That chip on your shoulder – mold it, refine it, recreate it, and carve it.


Keep the chip on your shoulder, and carry it, becoming a giant.


Walk towards death, run towards pain, shrink your desire to be a conformist, and carve your own path.

Keep the chip on your shoulder –

If not, you’ll be a weak, miserable, human being.

You are better off not living, without that chip on your shoulder.

Be so good, they can’t ignore you.

Be a perfectionist.

What better way to live, than this way.

What better way to die, than in this way!