“Broken Pride…”

On weekends, I stay up later than usual.

I think about all of the people I was rude to.

I think of the hearts that were broken because of me.

I see how my soul was mean and ugly.

Some days I want to walk away from this flesh.

Some days I want to cut myself, and see myself in a mess.

I want to drown in that mess, and see myself become less.

Sometimes I want to walk away, but other days I say, I can resolve these issues.

I write poetry and express openly.

I use the world as my therapist.

I have my reasoning and logic.

I am no longer on medicine, nothing is influencing my thought patterns.

Some days I take life seriously, other days I take life, minimalistic-cally.

I preach my ministry, I preach my philosophy.

They tried to ruin my soul and break my mold.

But I am stronger and you can not take what God holds.

Yeah you can keep a tab on me, watch me and try to control me, but you will not manipulate me.

Trick me, or lie to me.

I know what I am,

And you will not win.