“It is okay…”

If you see me crying,

I am not dying,

I am shedding.

When you see me down,

recognize that I am stumbling upon profound,

and insightful understandings.

This life can be so demanding.

This life can be draining.

This life could be damming, and damaging.

I adapt by doing these things,

and feeling this pain.

And if you see me singing,

listen intently, or take notice,

and continue on.

And if you see me heartbroken,

I just loved too strong.

No one was wrong,

and it even gave me the prowess to make this poetry, and to sing this song.

And to carry on, all along, I was meant to be alone…

And if you see me working,

do not disturb!

It is a God in his playground, flowing in action.

And if you see me writing,

know that I am spilling my passion.

I cut my wrists, as I write this.

And if you see me regretful,

know that it is half true.

I am actually grateful.

Because in everything that I do,

I let my heart guide me,

so I would be half lying.

And if you see me,

broken, depressed or sad.

Just know that it is something like a fad,

I grow stronger indeed.

Things do not bother me.

I just have a strong habit of feeling, and paying attention.

And if you see me walking, do not look down on me.

I am thinking about the world.

The beauty and tragedies,

The dreams that are fallacies.

Cutting capillaries, the beautiful tragedy.