Open Diary. 3

Being intelligent, and wise is a double edged sword.

It is a thick blade that cuts severely.

You enjoy things to a higher degree.

You understand things to a higher degree.

You feel things to a much higher degree.

And you see things as, they simply are.

You see humans, all around, and know that the only thing holding each other back from living in a higher plane of civilization is our illusions, our lack of empathy, and love.

You walk into places of all kinds, and just know that imbalanced egos, mixed with uneducated minds, is holding us back.

You know with compassion and care, that you are not better than them, but know that they are perhaps living it, just a bit wrongly.

But that’s okay. Wisdom is a good for a reason.

Patience attributes to wisdom, and so does reason.

So does peace, and so does aesthetics.

Being intelligent and wise, feels like being on a planet alone.

You create this world of your own, and it becomes this idealism, which is nothing like a Utopianism.

But more like perceived surrealism that is indeed truism.

You often become lost and confused, because living in a world of your own, and trying to balance that with pressure to conform, and be amongst your brothers and sisters is clashing.

It is truly hard to describe. But this is only my third chapter, so I will do my best to express more openly, and efficiently.

I am here to represent a new philosophy, and it is embodiment.