Open Diary. 4

I am afraid for the future. I am a little worried because as technology advances, what are we going to do about the lack of humanism?

So many people are struggling with depression, and lack of love for themselves.

People don’t see that, and are ignoring the fact that depression is more prevalent in the youth and young adults than ever before.

Plus, I know for myself.

I battled with my bouts of depression many, many times.

I am better.

And everyday I am finding more peace in Jesus.

But let’s talk about this, and start being honest with ourselves, and start to become more conscientious, and open minded about the subtle issues arising and spreading like wildfire.

Racism pervades society, still.

Moral character and spiritual values are dwindling and that is just the beginning.

This is not about me complaining, and I am completely okay with myself, and the life I am building for myself.

But I care about this world, it is in fact my home…

We are ultimately one.

That value is fading, and l wonder, what happens when we become so disconnected, that people start seeing each-other not as fellow humans, but as ‘other’?

Perhaps, this is radical or extreme.

Or maybe I am looking too deeply, but have you ever wondered if we all could get along, at all, and at every level?

I am speaking at the micro level.

I am not even taking about war, or things of that nature, because that’s obviously something beyond my understanding or hope to reach.

I could never understand how and why, someone would need to kill and murder over resources, when there is an abundance for everyone. I don’t understand political philosophy etc.

But at the community level, local, and peer level, I write this in my open Diary for contemplation.

I think it is simply about recognizing everyone as humans that has the capacity to be better.

Recognizing the importance of empathy.

Recognizing the value of wisdom.

Recognizing the beauty in love for each other.

Recognizing the importance of self-care.

Recognizing the wealth of health and longevity.

Recognizing that we all want to be happy.

Recognizing the importance of virtue and principles.

Recognizing and maintaining that knowledge.

Uplifting others and encouraging others.

That’s what we need.

I am genuinely hopeful and optimistic for a great future, but sometimes I do wonder about the issues of the world.

I see humans, but I don’t not see humanity.