“Color Brown…”

Growing in all that I can in the 24 hours that I have…

Eliminating thoughts that are rash,

Slowing down irrationalities that are fast,

Coloring creative creations that my soul makes, sharpening notions and beliefs,

while throwing away fallacies and ideas fake…

Honing my philosophy, and idealistic notes.

Coloring each idea with each stroke, of a color brown…

Color brown, because it’s what I choose to be of a full embodiment.

If I were blue, I’d make it that too.

You see, I want to be authentic, fully dressed.

Look outside, and see what is inside, I am not here to impress!

No, I am not a mere character, no, I am a full human being with a character that I have indeed mastered…

This may sting, but I doubt that you are this grown or matured.

And what is sadder,

Some are older, but in no way wiser.

I am a man of embodiment and enlightenment, growing higher.

I do not hide behind material possessions, nor, do I hide behind a shell of an ego.

This is a man of higher values, and ideals.

So seal shut your baseless opinionated voice.

I am so tired of ignorant people, and things.

You have no brain, and neither do I.

I choose to live through my soul, that is where you find true gold, and have true eyes.

You latch on to true lies, so many ironies and paradoxes.

You are chained in boxes, but enough on that.

My soul is colored brown, and the majority of souls these days, are sadly, colored black.