“Unwritten Chapters…”

This tug of war, isn’t going to end anytime soon, if not, at all.

No, it will not end in a sprawl.

Instead, the forces will only tug tighter, until both forces no longer exists.

Evil & good,

Keeps pulling from each other, inside of me…

Deep down are the dark roots, as if a tree!

And high up, the leaves, branches, and such, are the divine reach.

No longer do I solely identify in one part of the dichotomy!

I am both good and bad, but more-so above, above!

I am love.

Love can be evil, and love can be good…

I express my evil, and good heart through these poetries.

And show what it means to be fully human, and then finally God!

Expressing myself, and never lessening myself.

Society trys to tame us animals, and I will not let that be so for me.

So for me,

I will write these things, and express in every way.

These collections will some day, pave a way.