Open Diary. 7

I’m off on an adventure, but more so, I am going to solidify my beliefs.

In relief, I proclaim in everything that I truly believe.

No longer naive, but still, I felt trapped and encased!

My very soul, that used to be draped in strength and pride, was stripped away!

And until this day I am scarred, and left with gashes and marks, no longer pain, but dizzying and nauseating feelings.

It is chilling.

But one by one, day by day, I gain back what was stripped away.

Nothing else to say, but to express my very heart.

Sometimes I do not know where to start, or even know how…

Do you know what it is like?

To have your soul, taken and toyed with.

No longer in control, or even able to manage.

As you are in a frantic, you try to take back what is yours in panic?

I was enlightened and saw through the illusion and maya.

I am no liar.

I can prove it, and will do so.

I made it my life purpose and mission.

To show what the human body and will can really do.

We are ultimately spirits and souls, this is very true!