A little relieved. I was so hurried to find the restroom, I did not notice that I left my duffle bag. I run back to the station, after the realization.

I had plans of going to a dollar store and getting some mouthwash. My mouth felt dirty, and needed some cleaning. Sugar is bad for not just your physiological health, but even your dental hygiene. Elementary I know, but just my observation.

I’m running back, with my suitcase and backpack. Just a few belongings, because I like to travel light. I like to live light. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but more so, life made simple is just, powerful, it’s better. Zen is better.

(The seven story mountain. A book that I have to pick up. I’m staying open to the signs.)

It’s a bit of a workout, but I embrace it. Why do I have such a strong inclination for pain, I don’t know.

I am not crazy, it’s just something about pain that I enjoy.

Spiritual pain, I call it.

It’s the marking of a modern day stoic.

I ask in a confident manner, but worried. A mixed up bunch.

“Have you seen a black duffel bag.”

It’s unlikely. I am sorry…

Doubt creeps in, I had my football in there, and the rest was stuff I could not remember so it must have not been important. The football was though.

I go into the station, maybe someone dropped it off.

I ask the lady at the front counter.



He shakes my hand.

I find a seat.

No more veering off.

I meet a lady while I am sitting down.

She is a writer.

She is very nice, and keen.

Very interesting and insightful.

She takes out 5 books and hands them to me.

This one is a good one.

“Can I borrow it.”

“I don’t care what you do, keep it or give it back.” Smiling…

I think inside, really? Do you think you will ever see her again.

Elijah you are so silly.

We go on to have an interesting conversation: poetry, God, people, various topics.

It was neat.

I will never see her again, but I will make an effort to keep her in my prayers. I’ll always remember her too, with the book that she gave me, I will read it for sure.

I must be on the right path!

She was just the sign I needed!