Open Diary. 10

It’s always near the end of immense suffering, that I throw away logic and heart, and transform it into a desire to end it.

It happens every time.

Then, I am talked off of the cliff – via spirit, or outside voice…

To then find happiness so pure and strong that, I feel overwhelmed at the times of change.

I suppose that I am here for a special reason.

So many times suicidal thoughts crept into my mind, and I was on the edges of life – staring at the unknown.

So many times I felt so depressed, I questioned what is it all worth?

This moment, here and now, is the purpose of continuing to exist!

I had the epiphany…

And so,

I write this as not a reminder, but a first page of the newness, and adventure set before my very soul.

I love you Christ, without you, I am nothing.