“Roses, a bunch…”

I love you entirely.

You inspire me, motivate me, and so I stoically – Run forward in this life.

I want to build my legacy with you.

This love is true.

I will never leave you, I pray that you never leave me.

If you are blinded by other things, I hope that you can still see me –

With your soul, I take hold.

Feel me, where ever you go.

Our love is stronger and shows growth, it is apparent, and so I appreciate you, and I am thankful to God.

To be my absolute best for you, is my sole job.

I nod, to your commands, I love fiercely with out your demand, my Queen.

It is my intention, and I want you to understand In full comprehension,

That this love is true, I will be my best self for you.

I pray that you never get tired of me,

I pray that you will always be true to me.

I pray that you will never lie to me because that would break me.

I pray that our love is unconditional, and that we go to the stars.

I will tell you everyday, because tomorrow is not promised, and it is always important for you to know…