“Silent sadness…”

Sometimes I reflect on people’s conditions, and feel sadness that is raw:

The sounds of silent cries, desperation, and madness through the walls.

Lost souls, evil souls, I wish love for them all.

I feel so sad, for them, but I know that I have to be resilient and stand tall.

I think about broken dreams, and failures…

Old souls so peculiar.

Young souls without guidance, and mean souls that are tyrants.

Can’t you see the love is the key, if not, Jesus is too?

Why are people cruel?

Why can’t you just be you?

Don’t you know that we are naturally good, racism disgusts me…

Man, negativity is really something…

People who gave up on their hopes – their American Dream didn’t become realized.

My ancestors, and even relatives, who believed the opposition, and their lies.

We could do anything and go anywhere, I am saddened in this moment.

I have reached my atonement, and mastered myself.

But I write this poem, for those that cry help…

Lord, have mercy, we all want to be happy.

Lord free us all, give us all love.

Educate and give us wisdom, we need you, holy father, that is up above.