“Feelings, Are True…”

Common ground and peaceful separation…

Love is amazing in terms of sensation.

Love is just what I needed to get to where I am currently.

Enduringly, I make a fool of myself, from outside of my prism…

But truly, it has given me insight into the lovely and imperfect soul of the feminine.

I work on myself daily, and have superseded most of the mass.

But still, that puts me in no class, or above anyone else.

It just means I know myself, and I know others.

We are all souls.

We are all gold, with valid views and reasons.

And as I am teething, waiting for my love of my life.

I make the same mistakes twice, triple and quadruple.

By wearing my heart truly, and giving my all – I learn how to stand tall, and love even more.

This is only one dimension, one piece of my life.

Laughingly, I say, although my love life has been troublesome – I have made great strides in my development in various areas.

And I have written poetry progressively and used the idea of idealism for criteria.

Feel free to see.

I am simply me.

No longer imprisoned by the world, and now even myself.

Successfully in my own measure, making peace with the cards I’ve been dealt. ❤️

Thank You, Abigail…