“Heart Failure…”

My heart reached its limit, because it felt all of its feelings.

It started to become a cycle, with pain being it’s end, with pain beings it’s bridal.

With love being it’s guidance, and heaven being it’s idol…

The death of my heart, Kafkaesqua, in its trial.

My story became perpetual, old love became recycled…

Dry and stale, my heart will give out soon, my heart will fail!

Until I met you…

This is a dream come true, all of the things I wish to tell you.

I don’t want to sell to you.

I just want to sail to you –

Share my soul, and love yours forever…

My heart has a massive language, but it’s limited in letters.

It is abstract. the feelings, but when you reach the mountain.

It is surmounting!

Truly, it is climaxing!

And your love is penetrating, and well worth the wait and confusion.

Because I want to grow so deep in love, my sweet love.

I feel sour, because I walked blindly, and was lost, searching and hoping to find…

In some sense, in some regards, I almost lost my mind.

I had no where to go, and no where to turn.

I wanted to die, I wanted to burn.

My thoughts were churned.

Yet, I was still holding firm.

But barely.

It was scary…

I snap back into the nature, and present things of now.

I look around, and remember last night…

I came to you and you came to me.

I believe that this is how love should be.

I found love, unintentionally, yet, willingly…

My heart was stupid, I was ready to give up on pursuing that mystique feeling.

Until I found you.

I love you.