“Lotus, Written…”

I wear my heart openly.

I write it down potently.

Drunk off of pain and misery, yet, hanging on to hope and belief.

What good is it, when you are the only one that knows it.

I might as well, seal my mouth, and leave my heart unspoken.

Closed minds do not see, and I wish so much that they could.

If I could, I would leave this Earth, in fact – I feel as if I should.

However, I have a mission at hand, and it is important that I accomplish it.

I am no longer an honest kid.

I am a broken man, with a very strong heart.

It bleeds, pounds, and makes strange sounds.

When love is around, it breathes harder, and forgets to beat.

It simply wants to feel warmth, it needs what it needs…

I remember waking up confused.

Alone in the room.

For days…

Stepfather, you did not ruin me.

You planted a dark seed, for a threshold of pain.

You broke my mind before I could even develop it.

I cry, every now, because having you as a father – I do not even repent it.

I do not even resent it.

Because it never took away my soul.

The pain that you inflicted. and what made my mind sickening…

It does not make a difference, because it prepared me for a cold world.

My heart beats, and beats, as if a heart of a lion.

I will never give up, I will only keep trying.

Only God knows…

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