“Scattering Feelings…”

My love is boxed and gifted, and although I am long winded –

I see the massive potential.

I meant it with full clarity, when I said that I love you.

I know that you meant it too.

So it seems apparent, and wise that I have to hold on to you.

Not in some quick flash,

will I give up – that would be sad.

That would go against all that I try and hold faith in:

Uprightness and truthfulness.

Faithfulness and partial prudence…

Using discernment, has been a challenge as you can imagine…

My brain and heart battles, because sometimes they both know what is true.

Following my heart has been dangerous.

But it’s power is latent,

I don’t regret the valleys less than the peaks.

So whenever my heart feels, I openly allow it to speak.

But as time waits for none,

I hope that this love does not end, but only has just begun…