“Love Storm…”

I value your love in this storm.

I was counted out, and left forlorn…

But you took me in, and gave me some strength!

I felt angst, and my emotions were blank…

I felt like losing heart, and damaging my soul.

The world felt cold, and too heavy to bear.

God was near, but I still felt fear.

I couldn’t shed a tear, and my heart felt shallow.

I’ve been around people that were overly hallow.

I was sinking fast, and I could no longer paddle…

By the grace of God, he raised my note.

You raised my strength, and I maintained hope.

Depression is real, and it is difficult to escape.

Your love in this storm, kept me at bay.

Love is so essential, it helps me with my mental.

Call me sentimental, or overly sensitive.

Call me bipolar, and I will just say that no day is tentative…

I love, and live each day as if it is my last –

It is just my philosophy, my outlook on life!

Your love is essential, and it keeps me sane.

Waves of strength, straightening out my brain.

Your love was much needed, because this heart kept bleeding.

Reality was dark, and I kept on dreaming.

Following wolves, but they are so misleading.

Fighting demons.

Fighting demons.

Imagining heaven…

I wanted to leave, I wanted to leave this Earth.

But I love this Earth, just not this world.

And I love my girl, you are helpful and a blessing.

As I am preparing for my toughest lesson…

I sharpen this iron, like this is my weapon.

I prepare my soul, and write down my goals.

I prepare my mind, so it will still run smoothly when gears will grind.

I repair my heart, that’s wear it all starts.