“Love Syringe…”

Will you still love me, if I had tattoos?

Would you still love me, if all I drank was booze?

Would you still love me, if I had no clue –

Would you still love me –

if I didn’t love you…

Although you love me now and I love you…

I worry about other things:

I worry about the future, and how someday you will inevitably change.

Either your love will dissipate –

Or you will find someone else and get away.

I have resolved this thought in my mind, and am making peace with that now.

This may seem foul, and the future is so far away.

But my mind is never in this day, completely.

And although your love freed me.

It’s a lot more that I ask for – like loyalty, unconditionally.

And I know that, that is a lot to ask for – we are very young.

And our love has just begun.

My mindset is mature, and wise beyond years.

I am only 21, so it feels like they are only fears…

I come a long way, and I am trying to adjust.

I am learning how to trust.

I am learning how to rid myself of lust.

I am growing in myself…

I never stop growing, but I just want you to know that I will put in effort to adapt.

Striving for perfection, but my actions are never exact.

Growing in knowledge, but I am still so dumb.

I look up to the sun – God why did you make me this way.

I love myself, but these are some challenges.

At times I am arrogant.

Other times I am broken.

Some days I am peaceful, and other days I am vengeful.

A lot on my mind, I work until I cannot anymore.

My mind is stressed, and it was intentional.

Maybe I make love too complicated…

I will take it one day at a time.

I will be fine.