Open Diary. 11

I am freshly moved into my apartment.

Few belongings. Plenty of food. Plenty of books. New start, humble beginnings.

As I sit here with my cup of green tea, music playing and warmth inside of my new home.

I feel God’s grace.

I didn’t know I’d be here a few months ago.

My mind was settled in darkness.

I was in too deep.

Struggling with existential despair, confusion, lost, and beaten down.

Thank you God for taking me out of that mud, that crazy storm.

I was losing it. Literally losing my very essence of who I am.

I never want to experience that again.

In fact, I will be more strategic and wiser, to never regress.

I simply have to put God First.

Ultimately, I would not be here if it wasn’t for God and

The people he sent to me as messengers.

Thank you Jocelyn, you are very much appreciated. I love you.

Kaylee, thank you, you are the sweetest soul, I’ve ever known. Truthfully.

I am looking forward to this new chapter ahead of me.

As I go along this path of newness, I write freshly what I experience and learn.

I express openly and wholeheartedly.

I’m simply myself. There is nothing else to it… just following my destiny and sharing it with you guys. ❤️